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All images © Penelope Anstruther 2020

Artist Statement

My work is generative, self-reflective and often site specific, focused on the parallels between physical and mental landscape: memory triggered by form. Working in a cross-disciplinary practice using drawing, books, prints, videos and site-specific installations, I explore the language of discarded objects.


An object speaks of its surroundings; removed and disassociated it still holds with it the marks of its previous life, its own personal history. Alongside written fragments, mark-making occurs throughout, mirroring those of the objects. Together they act as a device to both obscure and reveal narrative information; combined, they form speculative web-like links between physical and mental spaces. Finished works are a result of culminated knowledge and a gathering of scraps from my surroundings. They are a way of processing recollections, creating non-linear timelines connecting spaces, objects and memories that collapse time and link together similarities or repetitions that seem to circulate and reoccur.


Penelope Anstruther is a British born, multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Oakland, California. Pieces span the range of site-specific installation, drawing, printmaking, book arts, collage, photography and experimental video. No matter the medium, strong themes of fragility; simultaneous & opposing emotions; mental & physical landscape and the transience of memory and identity expressed through objects, and written fragments run throughout the work. 


Anstruther began her arts education in Florence Italy, spending a year studying Renaissance Art History, Drawing, Panting and Darkroom Photography. She then moved to London, England, competing her Foundation Year at City and Guilds of London Art School, achieving the award of Two Dimensional Student of The Year. Subsequently, Anstruther completed her BFA in Printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute, CA, and as part of her degree spent a semester in Osaka, Japan, focusing on printmaking & book arts. 


She has completed a number of permanent site-specific installations, most recently during her month long residency at the Prairie Ronde Artist Residency in Vicksburg, Michigan. Notably she has exhibited in the Tate Modern, London and had solo shows in Atlanta, Seattle, and across the Bay Area.