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Penumbral Specters

A collaborative project with Penelope Anstruther and Sun Night Editions. Each book is comprised of over 20 screen printed monoprints & trace monotypes, hardcover bound in cloth with a monoprinted cover. One of these books was purchased by SFMOMA and resides in their archives.

The edition varié of 3, 11"x10" closed. 


To Bathe The World In A Strange Light

A multi-media site specific solo show of collaborative works

by Penelope Anstruther & Drew Grasso

Massman Gallery, CA 


The Library of the Burned Book

A book-centric collaborative solo exhibition by Penelope Anstruther & Drew Grasso

Hi-Lo Gallery, Atlanta GA


Penelope Anstruther and Drew Grasso began collaborating on what would become The Library of the Burned Book in summer of 2017. The first set, Run Slowly, Slowly, is comprised of ten individual books made by tearing up and collaging with each other’s old work. This generative process continued after their solo exhibition at Massman Gallery, Oakland, CA while expanding on their previous exhibition with subsequent book projects, papermaking, prints, and paintings. Through tearing, blending, and burning, old material gains new life. 9.3.2018 is a culmination of these ways of working and reworking while pushing against the traditional book form. This library was built from the bones of breached ships and constructed under two moons.

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