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Selected Solo Exhibitions & Commissions


Glyphs and Vessels, Sticks Framing & Fine Art, Berkeley, CA 


Symbiosis, collaboration w/ Betsy Kellas, Post Office Window, Point Richmond, CA


Lean Against the Wall, Cedar Street Gallery, Berkeley, CA


The Moon is a Mirror, Inner Room at Gearbox Gallery, Oakland, CA


As Above, So Below, site-specific sculpture commission, Just Enough Collective , Private residence, Berkeley, CA 


The Library of the Burned Book, Collab w/ Drew Grasso, Hi-Lo Press,Atlanta, GA

To Bathe the World in a Strange Light, Collab w/ Drew Grasso, Massman Gallery, Oakland, CA

Raised from Remains,Site-specific installation, Prairie Ronde Artist Residency, Vicksburg, MI 


Tethered Together, Site-Specific Installation Commission, Private Residence, Point Richmond, CA

Structural Ghosts [Their Nails Like Fingertips], The Central Saloon, Seattle, WA

Deamons Drawing Circles [The Quiet Will Protect You], Site-specific installation commission, Private residence

Berkeley, CA


Midnight Insight [What’s Found Was Soon Forgotten], Artist Television Access, San Francisco, CA

In Darkness Merge [My Shadow & I], Hi-Lo Press, Atlanta, GA


A Heap of Broken Images, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Selected Group Exhibitions


Book Arts Exhibition, Friedli Gallery, Saint Paul, MN


Sun Night Editions, Incline Gallery, San Francisco, CA

DOOMSDAY, City Station, San Francisco, CA

Sun Night Editions, Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station, CA


Nothing’s Forever, All Gold, Berkeley, CA

Love & Collaboration, Just Enough Collective, Art Center at Highland Park, IL


Winter White, Just Enough Collective, O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, CA

Something Written or Recorded, A Space is a Space, online exhibition based in London, UK

Artist Book Cornucopia X, Art Gym, Denver, CO

Art Plus Movement, Gearbox Gallery, Oakland, CA

Open Book Show 6, Arion Press, San Francisco, CA

Word | Image | Object, Denver Public Library Gates Reading Room Gallery, Denver, CO


V Open Book Show,Root Division, San Francisco, CA

Shirt Show, Massman Gallery, Oakland, CA

Word | Image | Object, Tallyn's Reach Library, Aurora CO

Fall 2018 AOPR Members’ Exhibition, Kaleidoscope, Richmond CA

15th Annual Roadworks, Collab w/ Drew Grasso, San Francisco Center for Book, San Francisco, CA

Speciwomen in Print, Chinatown Soup Gallery, New York, NY

Pretty Vacant, House Show, Berkeley, CA

Derivation: A Three Woman Show, Grael Gallery, San Francisco CA

The Printed Page III, Abecedarian Artists Books, CO

Paper is Part of the Picture: Contemporary Paper and Book Arts, Anderson Gallery, IA


The 2nd Open Book Show, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco CA

13th Annual Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival, San Francisco Center for the Book, CA

PPRM Art Show, The Gallery Bellow, CO

16th Annual San Francisco Zine Fest, County Fair Building: Golden Gate Park, CA

Sugarmelt: A Benefit for Planned Parenthood, 3020 MLKJ Way, Oakland, CA

6th Biannual Codex Book Fair & Symposium, The Cranway Pavillian, Richmond, CA


15th Annual San Francisco Zine Fest, County Fair Building: Golden Gate Park, CA

Oomph!, Betty Ono Gallery, CA

One Minute Films, The New Bohemian Gallery, MN

Small Art Book Fair & Zine Release Party, Root Division, CA

Future Late, Turbine Hall: Tate Modern, UK

Longitude, Latitude & Elevation, Valley Arts Center, OR

Visions of Nature: Chelsea Fringe Festival, Oxford House Gallery, London, UK

Chasing Paper:  25th Annual Lake Oswego Festival of The Arts, Lakewood Center for the Arts, OR

Bay Area Book Arts Programs Student Showcace, Book Club of California, CA

Mission Creek Festival, Space Jam Reading Room & Lounge, Iowa City, IW

DISC-US!, East Bristol Contemporary, UK 

Salt Water Spells, Forthrite Printing, CA 


Crank, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA

Printmakers Pop Up, The Grand News Stand, CA

Made in the Mission Open Studios, Army Lofts, San Francisco, CA

Art for the House 2015, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA

12th Annual Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival, San Francisco Center For The Book, San Francisco, CA

Coalition on Homelessness Art Auction ‘15, SOMArts Cultural Center, CA

Cottage Industry: Communication, Collaboration, Let’s Beat Poverty In All Its Forms!

    Thoreau Center for Sustainability, San Francisco, CA

BFA Exhibition, San Francisco Art Institute, CA

Rise and Fall Irregularly, Still Lights Gallery, CA

A Heap of Broken Images, Diego Rivera Gallery, CA

Anne Bremer Memorial Library 32nd Artist Book Contest, Atholl McBean Gallery, CA

Printmakers- SF Art Institute, Sanchez Art Centre, CA

Awards, Scholarships, Residencies

2020 Mutual Artist In Residence, Two month subsidised studio residency, Oakland, CA

2019 GearBox Gallery Award, from the exhibit Art+Movement, Solo show in 2020, Oakland, CA                  

2018 The Prarie Ronde Residency, One month, fully funded, Vicksburg, MI 

2016 O1-B Artist of Extraordinary Ability, United States Government 

2014 Honors Studio, San Francisco Art Institute, CA

2012-15 Presidential Scholarship, San Francisco Art Institute, CA

2012 2D Fine Art Foundation Student of the Year, City & Guilds Achievement Award



MFA Never, Root Division | Published March 12th


AOPR Newsletter, Editor Rita Gardner | Published November 6th


Speciwoman | Issue 1- Fall 2018 | By Philo Collins | Published 13thJune 

Letters to a Former Lover | Volume 2 | By Deena Hashem | Published July 28th

The Printed Page III | Abecedarian Gallery


Sugar Melt | By Rachel Toups | Published 18th March


IlletantePublished 3rd September

Visions of Nature | By Oxford House Gallery | Published  14th May

Creative LoafingPublished 2nd May

Small World SFPublished 3rd March

Thistle Magazine: Identity Issue | By Arianna Land & Kayla Rizzo | Published February 26th

MFA Never 2016 Archive Project/ Juried Exhibition | Published by Root Division | February 10th

Original PhotographersPublished 2nd February

Small World SF Published 3rd March

Small World SF | Published 12th January 


Photographers DirectoryPublished 15th December

SPECI Woman Of The WeekPublished 15th December

San Francisco Art Institute BFA Catalogue 2015 | Published by Blurb in July

In the Doorway Publication | by Adenike Adelekan and Niki Murphy | Published June 2015 by WORK Printing &

Graphics | Printed in Baltimore, MD

The Sublime, Zine Issue 7 Published 4th January


Osaka University of the Arts + California College of the Arts 2014 Print Exchange Catalogue

Published 16th July


2012-'15 San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA, BFA Printmaking

2014 Osaka University of Arts, Osaka, Japan, AICAD Mobility Exchange Program

2011-'12 City & Guilds of London Art School, London, England, Foundation course specializing in

2D Fine Art

2010-'11 Studio Arts Centre International, Florence, Italy

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