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Milk paint, studio made pulp and clay ink, conté crayon and watercolor pencil, on paper 22”x30”, 2022

As I worked, these paintings began to split and formed two trunks. 

Glyphs began dense. The surface was built up with layers of milk paint and my own studio-made clay and pulp ink. They came through a process of work and rework, folding marks into one another until a strong central form, that became a kind of talisman, appeared. Pointing loosely towards narrative, they explore transformative and ritualized studio processes.

As the series progressed the paintings became more elemental. Undoing layers, I began to strip back down to the essentials and focused on the energy that arises through the economy of brush strokes. They are works in motion, both spontaneous and instinctual. Though still exploring transformative process, they reach further towards more primary fundamentals: wind, rain and fire.


Charcoal and chalk on vintage paper 30" x 22", 2020

This series of drawings begin with a process of erasing by sanding. Originally torn from a vintage editorial, I sand the image until I am left with only the contrasting tones from the black and white photograph. At this point I begin to draw, allowing the marks to occur intuitively in response to the new hazy landscape. I began making these works the first week of the Shelter in Place Order. To me they reflect a reinventing of what once seemed concrete, and reflect our attempts to navigate these strange and frightening times. 



Recent monoprints, 15" x 11" between 2019-2020

Recent monoprints, 15" x 11" between 2019-2020


Paintings on paper between 2018-2020

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